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MaGno Orange & Chocolate Handmade Soap/ Մագնո ձոռքով պատրաստված նարինջով և շոկոլադով օճառ

105 g
105 գ
Orange & Chocolate soap.jpgOrange & Chocolate soap.jpg
Sales price 2000,00 դր.
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Ingredients: Coconut oil, Palm oil, Organic Olive oil, Castor oil, orange food color, Titanium   Dioxide, cocoa  powder,      hydroxide      sodium, orange powder,  Glycerin


Orange   is   good   for   Healthy   Skin, Treatment Of   Dark Spots And Blemishes, Treatment Of Acne, Skin  Whitening  Qualities,   Anti - Aging   Benefits,   good   for   Removes   Blackheads, Great Toner, Rejuvenates Dull Skin, Radiant Skin,  Excellent  Conditioner,  Stimulates  Hair Growth, Treatment Of Dandruff.

Dark  chocolate  is  a  skin - friendly  ingredient  that  helps  to keep  your skin  healthy,  glowing   and   just  flawless.  Check out few outstanding benefits   of dark chocolate for skin here, As mentioned   above, dark chocolate   hosts arrange of potent   antioxidants.  These   antioxidants protect your skin  from  free radical  damage, keeping it soft, supple and juvenile   for   long,  regular   consumption  of  dark  chocolate  helps you achieve  a  smooth,  problem-free  complexion.  It also keeps your skin moist and  well  nourished. Dark chocolate makes an excellent   skin-detoxifier in combination with caffeine. It sloughs off  the  dead skin cells  and  allows the newly exposed, fresh skin to   breathe    freely,  Stress   is

a huge beauty bummer. If not checked, it can ruin  your entire  personality.  Dark  chocolate  boasts   wonderful  stress - relieving qualities   and work  wonders  in  getting   you   a  glowing   skin  by  reducing  elevated stress hormones.

Coconut Oil  To  soothe   dry   hands,   As  a   cheekbone highlighter, To shave   your legs, As a  deep - conditioner, To  remove   eye  makeup,  As   a   body   moisturizer, To clean  your  face,  To add shine, In a luscious body scrub, For a little rubdown.

Palm oil is very moisturizing and never dries out your skin, Also, adding palm oil into any natural soap  results  in the soap having a pleasant lather with nice  medium  bubbles. Finally, palm oil increases the  hardness  of the bar and helps it last longer.

Olive oil Moisturizes Skin, Improves Skin Health, Helps Remove Makeup, Has Anti-Aging Properties, Keeps Hair Healthy, Improves Nail Health.


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